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Charming gardens and plazas in the Canary Islands.

If you are on holiday in the Canary Islands, remember to visit our charming gardens and plazas in every island. We show our selection.

La Palma: The Quinta Verde and the Balconies of the Maritime Avenue, with clear Portuguese influence in its architecture.

El Hierro: Camino de la Virgen de los Reyes, which runs through the top of the island, you will know the location of the Saint Garoé tree.

Gomera Plaza and gardens of Torre del Conde, one of the oldest constructions of the island, and Mirador de Abrante, one of the most recent constructions of the island.

Tenerife: García Sanabria Park and Palmetum Park are the true heritage of vegetation around the world in the capital. You also have to visit the green areas of Puerto de la Cruz: Litre Site, Gardens of the Taoro, with the gardens of Risco Bello, Botanical Garden and Lago Martiánez.

Gran Canaria: Jardín Canario Viera and Clavijo, with the largest collection of Canarian plants of the islands, and Barranco de Fataga, the rocky mountains of the Canary Islands.

Lanzarote: Jardín de Cactus, a masterpiece of the landscaping of the Canary Islands, and Palmeral de Haría.( Palm Valley )

Fuerteventura: Villages of the interior of Puerto del Rosario, when the tranquility and tradition merge, Tetir, Casillas del Angel …

Enjoy the Canaries, enjoy its landscape, more than just sun and beach …….

By the way, the photos are by Paisajes