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Created in June 2016 with the clear vision of improving your environment and your quality of life.


We strongly believe in a healthy and local diet and lifestyle, we are committed to local markets and short marketing channels in which products from each region are developed and produced, as a clear commitment to sustainability and efficiency. We try to implement in each project the 17 UNO Sustainable Development Goals. Traditional and local […]


“We understand garden and landscape as a space to enjoy nature and make it feel comfortable.” Paisajes Eficientes could provide an innovative and sustainable design in order to uncover the most successful landscaping solutions to create new and preserve future real gardening projects on site. We understand efficiency as the saving of economic and natural […]

International Consulting

LANDSCAPING-GARDENING. Directed to other construction companies of civil and residential works, including landscaping or landscape restauration activities or other landscaping companies that wish to contract advisory services and / or management of landscaping works. AGRICULTURE. Agriculture consultancy includes the planification of agricultural areas from ground surveying up to harvesting management. Feasibility studies, promotion and agri-food […]

Our team

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Carlos J. Reyes Córdoba

Consultor internacional. Ingeniero Técnico Agrícola. Experto Universitario en Tecnología del Agua. Asesor nº 38/03/0703 Registro Oficial de Productores y Operadores de medios de defensa Sanitaria (ROPO) y Trabajos culturales con palmeras acreditaciones del Gobierno de Canarias.

Equipo de jardineros profesionales:

Capataces Agrícolas.
Jardines verticales y Muros vegetales.
Poda de arbolado y Especialización en tratamientos y trabajos con palmeras.
Construcción, creación y mantenimiento de ambientes exteriores, jardines y zonas verdes.
Instalación de Riegos y todo tipo de servicios relacionados.

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Nina Bacchi Cabrera

Proveedora de mobiliario
Proyectos , Direcciones y ejecución  de obra de decoración.
Creativa de espacios  interior-exterior.
Integración de paisajes vivienda-jardín.

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